Amiiqo(N2) NFC Toy Emulator for New 3DS/3DS/WII U

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Amiiqo(N2) NFC Toy Emulator for New 3DS/3DS/WII U

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Amiiqo V2- N2 Elite is an NFC toy emulator works on Nintendo Switch, WII U and NEW 3DS/3DS XL, 2DS XL. It has the capacity to store up to 200 figurines for free.You can also download, backup, and trade your amiibos with others, and best of all it is also working with N2 NFC USB Reader/writer for users have no Android device.

Regular Price: £49.50

Special Price £47.70



N2 Elite (Amiiqo v.2) NFC Toy Emulator Description
N2 Elite is a new NFC device that, simply put, allows you to copy all your Amiibo data to one device via any NFC compatible Android phone. You can even share entire collections downloaded from the internet. The Amiiqo device is similar in shape and size of the base of most Amiibo figures. There is a button on the side that allows you to cycle through each Amiibo figure you have saved to the device. You can store up to 200 Amiibo to one Amiiqo and it comes preloaded with 10 Amiibo. As of the time of this writing you can only add new Amiibo and update the Amiiqo software through an Android phone that is NFC(Near Field Communication) compatible.

It can be used on Nintendo Switch, WII U and NEW 3DS/3DS,2DS consoles, the last 3 gmaing devices are hacked by R4 3DS or SKY3DS+ to play free DS or 3DS Games.

Plus if you own a Nintendo Switch and want to use your old PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 Controller on it, you just need Switch Controller Converter called COOV N100.

N2Elite(Amiiqo) NFC Toy Emulator Features :

Can plug and play :
- DarkPit
- Palutena
- Ganondorf
- Falco
- R.O.B
- Link
- Mario
- Pikachu
- Yoshi
- Donkeykong

Can add additional characters
- up to 200

Easy switch mode
- push button How does N2 Elite Work?
With our supplied Android app, you can transfer onto your Amiiqo any Amiibo image you possess. Whether it comes from your personal backup, from a friend or even if its an image downloaded on the internet.

The image can be from a ‘blank’ (new, unplayed) figurine but also from a Amiibo that was already leveled up or with power-ups, making it a super effective cheat system.

What you need to do to setup N2Elite(Amiiqo V.2)?
Simply place the N2 Elite instead of the Amiibo on the console to load up the last used figurine.You can switch to the next stored figure by simply pushing and holding the Amiiqo’s button prior to placing on console.

Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of our app.

With Amiiqo and the help of some friends (or the internet) you can own ALL existing Amiibo’s including the rarest ones, this way you can progress much much faster. Amiiqo is the ultimate Amiibo collection in the palm of your hand.

Why to buy N2 Elite NFC Toy Emulator?
Amiiqo V.2 is a great device.

1. It is perfect for the family that has multiple children that want to use Amiibo on games. Since the figures can only store one profile, families only need to buy one figure and simply copy it to the Amiiqo.

2. It is also great for collectors who want to use Amiibo on their games but do not want to open their figures. They can simply download collections posted online.

3. It also makes it easier to take your collection from one place to another or to use when you are traveling.

N2 Elite Ccompatiblity
Nintendo Switch, WII U, NEW 3DS/3DSXL, NEW 2DS X(LL).

N2Elite(Amiiqo) Software
- N2 Android V2.0.7 app and Manual
- N2 Manager Application for Windows/Linux/Mac

For Linux and Mac OS X, Mono needs to be installed. It can be downloaded here

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